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I guess that’s the way it goes…

– Hollywood –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Marco definitely underestimated his strength. A few days ago he picked up his closed white Macbook Unibody with his thumb and index finger. Later, when he opened it up to catch up on some work, he noticed that most of the top half of the screen was cracked and black. “How could this have happened?” he asked himself. He instantly thought that it was going to cost a fortune to get the LCD screen on his Mac replaced. Laptop screen replacement can’t be cheap. Fortunately, he remembered a friend of his had run into the same problem. Marco phoned up his friend and asked how he had gotten his Macbook’s screen replaced in Los Angeles. His friend told him that he found a great service online called CrackedMacScreen.com (That’s us!)

Marco went onto our site and checked it out to make sure everything was legit. He did his fair bit of research and found several different sites that had positive reviews of our service. After a short while he decided to fill out our Repair Form and see if we really would get back in touch with him in less than 2 hours. Well, just about 20 minutes later we were on the phone with him, setting up an appointment to meet him at his home in Hollywood. In just under 30 minutes, we had Marco’s white Mac unibody screen repaired and looking like new.

Marco’s Macbook Unibody before
Marco’s Macbook Unibody after

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