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Sometimes repairs don’t exactly go as planned…

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– Via New York City, NY-

Andrew sent in a Repair Form a couple of weeks ago about his 15-inch Macbook Pro 2.2Ghz. He had cracked the LCD and needed a quick fix. We emailed him his overnight label and receipt and he shipped in his computer a week or so later.

We received his Macbook Pro on Monday, and after booting it up, we discovered that the screen wasn’t turning on. The backlight was out, and there was no picture to be seen on the screen. Also, the sleep light was staying on even after boot up. We gave Andrew a call to make sure that this was the problem that he was seeing, but he said that the screen WAS turning on when he had it. Uh oh!

We have seen this before with a couple of other repairs, but Andrew’s graphics card had failed sometime between the time that he last shut his computer down and the time that we received it. We recognized the problem and knew that Apple had issued a recall for the Nvidia graphics card that was installed in his Macbook Pro. The recall can be seen here:


We took his Macbook Pro to the Georgetown Apple store and after four days of waiting, they replaced the logic board to the tune of $1,300. Luckily for Andrew (and us), the repair was covered by the recall, so all Andrew paid was $399 to us for the LCD replacement, which included two-way UPS Two-Day Air shipping for free.

Nvidia graphics card failure Macbook Pro
Andrew's Macbook Pro Before

Macbook pro LCD replacement NY
Andrew's Macbook Pro After