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From MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts to CrackedMacScreen.com HQ!

– Washington, DC –
– Via Cambridge, MA-

Edward sent in a Repair From from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts about the broken LCD on his white Macbook. This is what he said to explain to us what was going on: “Parts of the screen are cracked. The whole image is distorted, making the computer unusable. I am positive the computer is still responding to my commands, though, because there is a small sliver at the top of the screen where I can see my mouse pointer if I move it there. I believe that the screen needs to be replaced.” We knew that his LCD needed to be replaced, so we emailed him his UPS label to get the process started.

He shipped out his Macbook yesterday, we received it today, and it’s being shipped out as we speak! All repairs get shipped out same day, so once you ship your computer out to us it will be out of your hands for about 2.5. It’s the fastest way to get your Macbook fixed, period.

A1181 Macbook LCD cracked Cambridge MA
Edward's Macbook Before

Macbook white cracked Macbook Massachusetts
Edward's Macbook After