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You can email us now and ship your Mac to us months in the future, doesn’t matter to us!

– Washington, DC –
– Via Durham, NC-

We don’t really know why we get so many repairs from Raleigh and Durham North Carolina, but we aren’t complaining! Diane called us last July about the screen on her white A1181 13-inch Macbook. She had obviously broken it, and she needed it repaired. We emailed her everything that she would need to get her computer to us, but she ended up not going through with the repair.

We didn’t hear from her until a few days ago, but she was finally ready to get it fixed! So we emailed her again with her new FedEx label (remember, free two-way shipping is included with all repairs). She shipped her Macbook out from Durham and we received it the next day. We performed her repair in a matter of hours and emailed her the before and after pictures of her Macbook. Needless to say, she was absolutely thrilled with our work!

A1181 white Macbook cracked LCD
Diane's Macbook Before

Cracked Broken screen Macbook 13
Diane's Macbook After

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