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Oh, Geez! Say it ain’t so…

-Newport Beach –

– Los Angeles, CA –

These weren’t the exact words of Stephen, but they’re close. After filling out a Repair Form from our site, we rang Stephen up to find out how he had broken his Macbook screen and explain how we could help him. We learned that is was just a simple mistake of leaving a pen on his Mac keyboard and closing the display down upon it. The result you can see from the picture below. Being a big fan of Macs but knowing how expensive Apple products can be, he was not looking forward to finding out the cost of such a repair. He went right online and started looking for Apple service providers in the Los Angeles/Newport Beach area. Minutes into his search he found a service that could provide an on-site, affordable, LCD replacement company that could get his Macbook screen up and running again. Stephen filled out the Repair Form and within two hours we were on the phone with him setting up a time and place to meet. We met him at his home in Newport Beach and had his Mac LCD screen looking like new again.

Stephen’s Macbook before
Stephen’s Macbook after

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