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Add New Hampshire to the list of CrackedMacScreen.com states!

– Washington, DC –
– Via Bradford, NH-

Dominic is a student in Bradford, New Hampshire. He awoke last week to find the LCD on his 13-inch Macbook Pro Unibody cracked to smithereens. He also thought that the glass was cracked. After finding us on Google, he sent in his Repair Form and we emailed him a FedEx label and instructions for shipping out his Macbook Pro.

He shipped it on Friday, we received it today, and it was shipped back to him today. But the best part for Dominic was that the repair only called for an LCD replacement! We didn’t need to replace the glass so we passed the savings onto Dominic! Oh, and by the way, two-way overnight shipping was included free (like every other repair!).

Broken LCD Macbook Pro Unibody
Dominic's Macbook Pro Before

Broken LCD Macbook Pro Unibody
Dominic's Macbook Pro After