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A1181 repair in Grinnell, Iowa? Coming right up!

– Washington, DC –
– Via Grinnell, IA-

Toby is a student at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. He cracked his screen when he dropped it off of his bed a year ago and it has slowly gotten worse over time. He finally got to the point where it made the screen completely unreadable, and he needed it fixed. And fast! Enter CrackedMacScreen.com We knew exactly what he needed: two-way overnight shipping for free so he could get his A1181 white Macbook back in action so he could get back to his studies.

We responded to his Repair Form and got the process started. We emailed him his overnight label and he shipped out his Macbook the next morning. two days later, and his precious white Macbook was back in his hands so he could get studying for finals!

A1181 Cracked macbook screen Iowa
Toby's Macbook Before

A1181 Macbook broken LCD Iowa
Toby's Macbook After

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