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Bad things happen in threes…

– Santa Monica –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Betty was not having the best of weeks. When we first spoke with Betty we learned that, not only had she gotten a flat tire earlier in the week, but she had also lost her keys during her lunch hour a couple days ago. Now, on top of all this, when she opened up her Macbook Pro this morning she saw what she described as a “mosaic” running across much of the LCD screen on her laptop. Already in a not-so-fun mood, she was definitely not looking forward to finding out how much is was going to cost to fix her Macbook Pro screen. She assumed that she would have to take it to Apple and pay a fortune to repair the Mac screen.

Before hopping in the car to head out to the Apple store, Betty gave the trusty old Internet a shot – maybe she could find a Macbook repair service in Los Angeles that could fix her screen for less. She told us some of her searches: laptop screen fix LA, Mac repair screen 90010, broken LCD screen replacement Santa Monica. She stumbled upon us during a couple of these searches, but it wasn’t until she searched for cracked Mac screen did she really find what she was looking for…our site and the reasonable, affordable prices we offer. Within minutes she filled out our Repair Form. We got in touch with her shortly after and set up an appointment for the following day.  Forty minutes after meeting with Betty we had her on her way with a new screen and a positive outlook on the rest of the week.

Betty’s Macbook Pro before
Betty’s Macbook Pro after

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