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Oh, No! Please tell me the screen isn’t…NOOOO!!!

– Marina Del Rey –

– Los Angeles, CA-

Ashley loves her 15″ Macbook Pro. She has had it for 3 years and treats it with all her care. Unfortunately, things happen and sometimes a pen gets left on the keyboard. Without noticing, she closed the screen down on her keyboard with the pen still there. The result: a cracked, broken, shattered, blotchy Macbook Pro LCD screen. NOOOOOO! Being a Mac enthusiast, she knew what the Mac store usually charges for such repairs. She was definitely not going there. She quickly turned to Yelp, where she began looking for a laptop screen repair company that could meet her at her home in Marina Del Rey. With a few clicks here and a few clicks there, she found a mobile Mac service that could fix her computer screen on the same day.

We got in touch with Ashley shortly after she filled out the Repair Form on our website. We arranged a time to meet her and repair the cracked screen on her Mac Pro that had taken up nearly 75% of her screen. In about 45 minutes we got Ashley’s Macbook Pro screen looking like new. We know most of our customers take great care of their computers. Sometimes, though, things happen. We hear ya and are there for you. Give us a call.

Ashley’s Macbook Pro before

Ashley’s Macbook Pro after