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A big flower blotch on my screen.

– Carlsbad –

– North County, San Diego, CA –

Pat, looking for a Macbook LCD replacement in Carlsbad, was not a happy camper. He had left a pen on his keyboard when he accidentally closed the assembly down on top of it. The result can be seen in the picture below. He was not pleased. Considering the fact that the computer is super expensive already, he knew it would probably cost an arm and a leg to get this laptop screen fixed by Apple. Immediately, he began looking for alternative services that could repair or replace his LCD screen. Pat finds himself on the computer several hours a day so he is no stranger to researching quality companies that are able to perform such tasks. He found a few companies in the middle of the country that he could ship to. Unfortunately, they would need his computer for at least a week. Pat was not interested in taking this route. He tried typing in some locals searches that included: Macbook Pro screen repair Carlsbad, Macbook Pro LCD replacement Carlsbad, and Macbook Laptop Repair Service Carlsbad. After a couple of minutes he came across our site and decided to give us a go. Shortly after filling out a Repair Form, we were on the horn with Pat arranging a time to meet him at his home in Carlsbad. Within 45 minutes, we had Pat’s Mac Pro repaired and back in working order. Thanks, Pat!

Pat’s Macbook Pro before

Pat’s Macbook Pro after