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No! Not my Macbook Screen!

– UCSD –

– La Jolla, CA –

Sandy was considering buying a new Macbook Pro when she stumbled across a service in San Diego that could repair her Macbook LCD screen for cheap. She ventured around our website for a bit, looking through our blog while trying to discover if we were in fact a legitimate company. For all of you out there that are experiencing the same reservations, fear not – we are real! Sandy finally decided to get in touch with us by filling out our Repair Form. We contacted her an hour later and found the she had a broken Macbook screen in La Jolla. She was wondering if we’d be able to fix it in the next week. We told her that we’re a mobile Mac repair service and could come meet her on the UCSD campus. She was delighted to learn this news. We settled on a Starbucks near the UTC area and met later in the afternoon. We were able to fix her shattered Mac screen in no time. For anyone else out there with a cracked Mac screen, be sure to check us out!

Sandy’s Macbook before
Sandy’s Macbook after

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