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Can you fix my screen today?

– Anaheim –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Lili had run into a bit of trouble this early, early morning. It all began when her friends asked if she wanted to join them for a couple of drinks at the local watering hole in Anaheim. She told us it was a great night, but when she woke up this morning to check her email she saw that her screen was looking a bit unusual. She couldn’t make out anything. Her head was already hurting and now seeing the screen on her Macbook made things even worse. Knowing that school was in full swing, she knew that she would have to get this screen fixed soon. So she hopped on her phone and began searching for Macbook screen repair services in Anaheim. She couldn’t find any local shops that could fix her screen on the same day, but she did come across one mobile service that could fix her Mac LCD screen at her home in Anaheim. She decided to give us a call. We spoke with Lili and managed to set up an appointment for later in the afternoon. She was thrilled that she had found a laptop screen replacement service that would come to her. We met with Lili at a coffee shop right around the corner from her apartment and repaired the LCD screen in just under 35 minutes. For all of you Mac screen repair and replacement needs, be sure to check us out at www.crackedmacscreen.com!

Lili’s Macbook before
Lili’s Macbook after