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People from Missouri break their Macbook screens too!

– Washington, DC –
– Via Springfield, MO-

Jared’s wife Andrea sent in a Repair Form last week about her husband’s 13-inch white Macbook. He had (obviously) cracked the LCD and they needed it fixed. We promptly sent her the FedEx overnight label and instructions, but didn’t hear from her for a few days. Both her and her husband were unsure about using an online company that they didn’t know to perform a repair on their precious computer, but after reading out reviews online, they decided that were to be trusted. Yay!

Andrew overnighted her husband’s Macbook yesterday and we received it today. We performed her repair same-day and sent it out today back to her. It was a quick and painless process, and now her husband’s Macbook looks good as new. What a great wife!

Broken Macbook screen Missouri
Jared's Macbook Before

Macbook repair Sprindfield MO
Jared's Macbook After

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