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Well, this is no fun…

– Beverly Hills –

– Los Angeles, CA –

For a few weeks now, Kim had been wondering how much it costs to repair a broken LCD Macbook screen in Los Angeles. She had been asking around, checking with her neighbors, and even inquiring through the Apple store. Just when she decided to take it into the Apple store, a friend of hers said she saw an advertisement on Facebook for a Macbook repair service in Los Angeles. Kim went searching for what her friend had mentioned.

Kim told us she was so happy to find our site and service. After taking a minute to fill out of repair form, we called her about an hour later and learned that she had been using her laptop with a cracked screen for nearly three months. We couldn’t believe it. A few minutes later we had an appointment set up to meet Kim at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills. 45 minutes later, we had Kim’s Macbook screen back in working order.

Kim’s Macbook before
Kim’s Macbook after

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