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Yes, it finally broke.

– Pacific Beach –

– San Diego, CA –

Susan, a native of San Diego, gave a ring today and told us that her iPhone finally cracked after dropping it nearly a thousand times. This time was just like any other time – she reached in her pocket to get her phone and it got caught on part of her pant leg and went straight to the ground. She was not pleased. Shortly after she got talking with several of her friends and described her recent iPhone experience. One of her friends mentioned there is a superb iPhone repair service in San Diego (us!) that comes to its customers. She was happy to hear such news and got right online to find this company that fixes iPhone in Pacific Beach. A few minutes later she was on the phone with us setting up an appointment. We met Susan at a local coffee shop in PB and repaired her broken iPhone screen in no time.

Susan’s iPhone before
Susan’s iPhone after

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