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Why me? Whhhyyyyy meeeee?

– La Jolla –

– San Diego, CA –

Brian was not a happy camper. His 15″ Mac Pro decided to fall off the table last night. He was about to get up to take a break from studying when an elbow must have caught the edge of his laptop. Sure enough the computer was heading towards the floor before he could react. With a loud crash and bang the result was a broken screen on his Macbook Pro.

This computer meant a lot to him. It’d been with him for years and had gotten him through most of college. He didn’t want to let it go but wasn’t in a position to pay a thousand dollars to get it fixed. What could he possibly do? Luckily he remembered one of his friends having the same problem with a broken LCD screen on his 13″ Macbook. Brian wondered if the company could do the same repair for his computer. A quick phone call later, Brian learned their was a Mac repair service in La Jolla that would come to him and repair his Macbook Pro screen on the same-day. He went online and look through some of our blogs and was convinced this company was a savior. Brian got on the horn with us and set up an appointment for us to meet him at his home in La Jolla.

Brian’s Macbook Pro before
Brian’s Macbook Pro after

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