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Geez o’ Petes! I can’t believe this happened…

– Downtown It’s A Grind –

– San Diego, CA –

Jesse was one of a dozens callers today who was in the unfortunate position of having a broken iPhone screen. This was something he didn’t need. Apparently, his brother/roommate was the one to blame. He didn’t go into much detail. All we could really tell was they weren’t presently on speaking terms. Anyhoo – Jesse gave us a call and we scheduled an appointment with him for later in the day. We met at It’s A Grind in Downtown San Diego. He told us he had heard about our company from several friends. After the 25 minutes that it took to fix the cracked iPhone 3GS, he expressed to us how pleased he was at our service. Glad we could help, Jesse. Hope things lighten up with your brother.

Jesse’s iPhone before

Jesse’s iPhone after

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