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Can I drop my Macbook off?

– Pacific Beach –

– San Diego, CA –

Sarah was going to be stuck in class all day. She was hoping that it would be possible to just drop her broken Mac off and have it repaired later that day. Yes, it is possible! Sarah gave us a call last night and said that her dog (pictured below) was running around her apartment studio and knocked over her Mac. The result: a crack running from one side of her Macbook to the other. She was not happy. But she still loved her dog very much.

Since she was still able to make out some of her desktop, she hopped online and started searching for Macbook repair services in San Diego. After a few clicks she found what she was looking for – a Mac repair shop that fixes broken Macbook screens on the same-day. Not only that! The company was just blocks away. Within minutes she was no longer totally bummed, but happy she was going to have to pay a fortune to repair her Macbook through Apple. For all your broken LCD screen needs in San Diego, please check us out! We look forward to helping you out.

Sarah’s Macbook before

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