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My Mac doesn’t look too pretty…

– USC Campus –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Malcolm, an underclassman at University of Southern California, got in touch with us a few days back. He was in possession of a broken Macbook Pro Unibody screen and glass panel. Only a couple of weeks into the semester, he couldn’t believe that his baby had been so badly damaged. When asked what had happened he couldn’t quite recall. All he knew was one day it was fine and the next day the laptop was broken and in need of a LCD replacement.

We love Macbooks. And although it hurt to see Malcolm’s shattered Mac screen the way it was, we were delighted to see his Mac fixed, repaired and looking like new. He could see his desktop again and get back to studying. We sat around and talk to Malcolm for a little bit afterwards. He told us that many of his friends were walking around campus in need of a Macbook repair in Los Angeles. We’re trying to get our name out there! And, it always helps if any of our satisfied customers pass along the good news that there is a laptop screen repair service in LA that fixes Macbook screens on the same-day and for an affordable price.

Malcolm’s Macbook Unibody before
Malcolm’s Macbook Unibody after

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