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First step out of bed sounded like this – CRAAACCCKKK.

– Beverly Hills –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Lisa’s son, the owner of a now broken Macbook Pro unibody in Beverly Hills, was reluctant to tell his mom of the damage he had caused his computer the other day. He woke up early in the morning and the first step on the floor was right on top of his Mac Pro that he had left of the floor. After days and days of trying to avoid her at all cost he finally broke down and told his mom that he had cracked the glass on his Macbook Pro Unibody. Lisa was not a happy camper as she could only imagine the money it would cost to repair a Macbook Pro unibody glass screen. Resourceful as she is, Lisa turned to the trusty Internet to see if there were any alternatives to taking it to the Apple store. Fortunately for the both of them, she found a glass and LCD repair service in Los Angeles that would come to their home and fix the glass in the same day. She gave us a buzz and we explained our Mac repair service to her. She was delighted at the convenience and even thought it might be too good to be true. We scheduled an appointment with her for the following Friday. In just under an hour and a half we had the glass on her son’s Macbook Pro unibody repaired and looking like new. If you have shattered or cracked the glass on your Mac Pro and need a repair service that won’t charge you a fortune, CrackedMacScreen.com is your answer.

Lisa’s Macbook Pro Unibody before A
Lisa’s Macbook Pro Unibody before B
Lisa’s Macbook Pro Unibody after

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