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Can we meet at the SDSU campus?

– San Diego State University –

– San Diego, CA –

Of course we can! Ricky, a firefighter who lives up in north county, was planning on being in the San Diego area to visit his girlfriend and was curious whether or not he’d be able to get his Macbook’s LCD screen repaired while in San Diego. He gave us a shout over the weekend and talked a little about what had happened to his computer’s screen. Apparently, it was just a freak accident. It was lying the arm of his couch when he got up to get the telephone. When he returned he noticed his computer was on the floor and had a huge crack on the right side.

He checked out several Macbook repair services in his area. He needed his LCD fixed, and fixed soon! After a number of online searches that included the likes of: Macbook repair Del Mar, North Country Macbook service, Del Mar Macbook screen repair, he finally came across a site and service he felt comfortable with. He called us and arranged a time for us to meet him on the SDSU campus. We met on the 1st floor of the library and replaced the LCD screen on his Macbook in no time. In just under 40 minutes we had him on his way. He was taking his girlfriend out for dinner and we didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer.

Ricky’s Macbook before

Ricky’s Macbook after