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I’d like to arrange an appointment ASAP!

– Point Loma –

– San Diego, CA –

Alrighty. Not a problem. That’s our specialty. Shannon, like so many other unfortunate Mac users in San Diego, had broken the LCD screen on her Macbook a few days into the new semester. She needed a Macbook repair service in Point Loma that could replace the LCD screen on her laptop ASAP. She called several places but none could offer to get it done on the same day. She looked into shipping it away over night but did not like the idea of having some one else playing around with her computer. After consulting with some friends, she decided to turn to the place with all the answers – the trusty Internet. Looking for a Mac repair service in Point Loma, she came across our website and was impressed by its simplicity and straight-forward message…We fix broken Macbook screens! She scrolled through some of our blogs posts before clicking on the pricing and contact page. Within minutes she was on the phone with us setting up an appointment.

We met a few hours later at Peet’s Coffee in Point Loma. While she was in line ordering a coffee, we were hard at work replacing the cracked LCD screen on her Macbook laptop. Shortly after sitting done next to us, her Mac screen was back to normal. She could return to campus and get busy with her studies again. For all those with a broken LCD screen in Point Loma, give us a ring or shoot us an email. We can help you out today!

Shannon’s Macbook before

Shannon’s Macbook after

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