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This really stinks!

– Del Mar –

– San Diego, CA –

We feel ya. Having a broken LCD screen on your Macbook is no fun. Todd gave us a call yesterday and told us that his Macbook screen was split into three different colors. He could make out part of the desktop but nearly 70% was discolored or cracked. He needed a Macbook repair service in Del Mar to help him get his baby up and running again. A writer by trade, he spends much of his time in front of his Macbook and the thought of sending it away for a week to get repaired did not interest him at all. He was delighted to find a local service that could repair his LCD screen in the same day. He was equally impressed that we would come to him and fix his Macbook screen right in front of him.

We scheduled an appointment for earlier today and were able to get his Macbook LCD screen looking like new again. He could get back to writing and informing the local San Diego area of what was happening in the world. He said he’d be sure to put in a good word for us one of this days. Todd, if you need to do a photo shoot or an interview, feel free to give us a shout back. Hope the new screen treats you right.

Todd’s Macbook before
Todd’s Macbook after

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