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It was my sister’s fault!

– Compton –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Such was the story from Jose. We couldn’t quite get a clear answer as to what happened. All we really know is that Jose was in possession of a Macbook that needed its LCD screen replaced in Los Angeles. After a few Google searches that included: laptop screen repair, LCD screen replacement, Mac repair service, and fix my Macbook screen – he finally found a Mac repair service that would come to him during the weekday work hours. We met Jose last Friday at his office in Compton and repaired his 13-inch Macbook screen in no time. In a little under 40 minutes, we had his computer screen looking like new.

Jose was extremely happy with our service and told us he’d be sure to tell all of this friends and family about the convenience and reasonable prices we offer. For anyone out there that has a cracked LCD screen in Los Angeles or California, be sure to check us out. If you’re not in one of local service areas, please know that we do have a ship-in program. Thanks!

Jose’s Macbook before

Jose’s Macbook after

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