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It just fell off my bed and…

– University of Southern California –

– Los Angeles, CA –

…cracked. Such was the case with Sarah, a student at USC. She was home in Texas for summer vacation when one night she woke up to a loud noise and a shattered LCD screen. Just days before leaving for fall semester, she was a bit bummed out that she’d be starting the school year with a broken Mac screen.

With a little help from her father, the two began looking for options to get her Macbook repaired in Los Angeles. Fortunately for them, they stumbled upon a Macbook laptop service that would come to Sarah’s location and replace the LCD screen for her on the spot. They gave us a ring and we set up a time to meet with Sarah on the USC campus. With the school year just beginning, Sarah mentioned that she was sure we’d be up there again, as many students seem to be dropping their Macbooks left and right. Be careful students! And have a great school year!

Sarah’s Macbook before
Sarah’s Macbook after

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