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A huge crack just appeared…I swear!

– West Hollywood –

– Los Angeles, CA –

We got a call from Noa earlier this morning. Noa, unfortunately, was the victim of a mysterious crack in her Macbook Pro. Having owned it for over 2 years she never once had any problems with it. Then one day she woke up to find a large cracked running from the top of the LCD screen down to the right side of the screen. She couldn’t quite explain what had happened to it. From time to time, things like this happen. One day your Macbook is working perfectly and looking brand new. The next it looks like it’s been through a hailstorm and has received a punch or two to the LCD screen.

Fortunately for Noa, there is an amazing service out there that repairs broken Macbook Pro screens. For centuries (kidding) the CrackedMacScreen.com Repair Team has been fixing Macbook screens for those who have come across such breaks and heartaches. For your laptop LCD screen replacement needs in Los Angeles be sure to give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll be happy to repair your broken or cracked Macbooks anytime.

Noa’s Macbook Pro before
Noa’s Macbook Pro after

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