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I’m just in town for the day – Can you repair my iPhone today?

– It’s a Grind, Little Italy –

– San Diego, CA –

Yes, we can. Becky, who had ventured down to San Diego from Orange Country, found herself looking at a pretty beat up phone. We got the feeling there were several details left out of this story, but the gist out it was her sister decided to throw her iPhone 3G out the window of their hotel room. As you can see from the picture below, the screen on this iPhone 3G was badly cracked. It was so shattered that it actually inspired us to begin a Hall of Fame from broken iPhone screens. More to come later.

Shortly after calling us, we arranged a time to meet Becky later that afternoon at It’s a Grind in Little Italy, downtown San Diego. We met with several of her friends as we repaired her screen and learned that many of them have friends who have shattered iPhone screens. In just under 25 minutes, we had Becky’s 3G iPhone looking like new. Tell your sister to throw your shoe out of the window instead of your iPhone. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Becky’s 3G iPhone before
Becky’s 3G iPhone after

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