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My Macbook Unibody is not looking pretty…

– Encinitas –

– San Diego, CA –

Angela, who just returned to Encinitas after a month-long road trip in which her Macbook Unibody made it through safely, found herself now looking at a shattered glass screen AND a cracked LCD screen. She was not a happy camper and was not looking forward to paying a fortune to get her computer up and running again. Apparently, the damage happened the day returning from her trip when a large, heavy book decided to take a nosedive off a shelf and land directly on the shell of her Macbook Unibody causing both screens to crack.

After a few minutes in shock, Angela put some pressure on the glass screen and realized that she could make out some of her desktop. She decided to look for some Mac screen repair alternatives for the Encinitas area. A few searches that included: Macbook Unibody screen repair, Macbook screen replacement Encinitas, fix LCD screen Encinitas, etc., she stumbled upon our service and gave us a call. We were able to arrange a time to meet with her later that evening at her apartment in downtown Encinitas. The process takes a little longer with both the LCD and glass being broke, but we were able to get the repair done in about an hour. She was delighted with our repair services and was looking forward to getting the pictures from her trip posted so that family members and friends could see.

Angela’s Macbook Unibody before
Angela’s Macbook Unibody after

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