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And to top it off, I have summer school to go to.

– Culver City –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Andrea was nearing the end of the summer session at the high school she works at. Things were going decently except for a few minor mishaps. It was until she reached the first week in August did things start to go bonkers. Students misbehaving, paperwork not being turned in, and to top it off, this week she closed the screen of her Macbook down on the plug of her battery charger. When she opened her Macbook back up, she saw a large cracked running down the middle of her LCD screen. Her Macbook screen was badly damaged and in need of an LCD replacement.

We’ve done several screen repairs in Culver City over the past year. After a brief conversation we arranged a time to meet Andrea at her apartment in that area of Los Angeles. Within 40 minutes of arriving we had her Macbook screen looking brand new with no huge crack taking up most of her screen. She was delighted with the convenience of our service and also the warranty that we offer that states: If you break your Mac screen again in the next 6 months, we’ll fix it for just $100. Not too shabby. Have a good rest of your summer, Andrea!

Andrea's Macbook before
Andrea’s Macbook before

Andrea’s Macbook after

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