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If someone else tries to fix your Macbook before we do, there may be parts missing…

– Philadelphia, PA –

Vida gave us a call last weekend about her white Macbook. She broke the screen last October(!) and has been using her desktop iMac ever since. She just landed a sweet new job in Boston, so she decided that it was finally time to get her Mac fixed. She had seen our Septa platform ads a while back, so she knew exactly who to call.

But actually, she had taken it to a local “Apple authorized repair center” in the Philadelphia area (we won’t say who) who said that they could do it. After removing the bezel (the white frame around the screen), the “repairman” removed the sleep magnet, forgot where to put it back, and decided that he couldn’t do the repair. Not knowing that the sleep magnet was removed, Vida closed the Macbook (expecting it to go to sleep) and brought the Macbook home. She gave us a call, and we came out to her apartment to do the repair.

Everything went well until we went to turn the Macbook on after the repair. The screen lit up with a gray circle with a cross through it, which means that there is something definitely wrong with the hard drive. What we think happened was that since the Macbook wasn’t truly asleep, the hard drive became damaged from the computer being moved around.

We replaced the hard drive at cost ($60) and spent a day moving all of her files from her old corrupted drive to the new 320GB drive (for free!). Needless to say, Vida was super excited to have her screen fixed, all of her files back, and her hard drive upgraded for free. What can I say, we’re kind of awesome.

You can check out Vida’s review of us on Yelp here.

Vida's Macbook Before
Vida's Macbook Before

Vida's Macbook After
Vida's Macbook After

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