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I’ll be in San Diego this weekend. Can you help?

– Del Mar –

– San Diego, CA –

Dani found us all the way up in San Francisco. She was impressed with our website with its clear and concise message about what we do. A resident of San Francisco, she was traveling down to the San Diego area with her family and was interested in meeting with us for a LCD screen replacement in Del Mar. We were happy to have received her call as it was the first time we had heard from someone in San Francisco.

We arranged a time to meet her at the hotel she was staying at and fixed her cracked laptop screen in about 30 minutes. She was very happy with the service and especially delighted by the convenience of getting it fixed while she got ready for dinner. She said she’d be sure to mention us to all her family and friends who own Apple products. If you are in need of a Macbook screen replacement in Del Mar, give us a call!

Dani’s Macbook before
Dani’s Macbook after

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