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I felt like my life was over.

– La Jolla –

– San Diego, CA –

Christy, going into her 3rd year at UCSD, felt like her life had just taken a turn for the worst. She woke up yesterday morning was a broken LCD screen on her Macbook. When trying to recall what had happened, she remembered leaving it on her bedside shortly before dozing off. Unfortunately for many of the people we help this seems to be a common occurrence. They’ll be watching a DVD or surfing around the web when their eyes begin to tire. Within minutes they are sound asleep with their Macbook computers resting in a terribly vulnerable position.

Such was the case with Christy. Her Macbook LCD screen was shattered and she knew it would probably cost a fortune to fix. Luckily, she found a service in La Jolla that would fix her cracked Macbook for a lot less than what Apple charges. We met with Christy at her home in La Jolla and replace the LCD screen in no time. She could get back to watching movies in a safe and secure location.

Christy’s Macbook before
Christy’s Macbook after

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