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“Can you repair my Macbook now?”

– National City –

– San Diego, CA –

This was the question we got from Isabelle earlier this evening. She called to ask if we could repair the broken LCD screen on her Macbook. Apparently, this cracked had been around for a while and Isabelle was hesitant to call because she was still rounding up some money. Once she had enough on hand, she call us and was delighted to learn to we were nearby and would be able to repair her cracked laptop screen before the sun went down.

We traveled over to the Chula Vista/National City area and met with Isabelle at her home. Her mother’s cooking smelled delicious and it made the repair a little distracting. But, sure enough, we were able to get her laptop screen repaired in less than 40 minutes. She was happy to see a brand new screen in her computer and was even more thrilled knowing that she didn’t have to pay a fortune to get it fixed. Glad we could help Isabelle!

Isabelle’s Macbook before

Isabelle’s Macbook after

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