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Before I fell asleep, I put my Macbook between the bed and the table…

– UCLA –

– Los Angeles, CA –

…and sure enough, when Samuel woke up in the morning he Macbook’s LCD screen had a big crack in it. The screen was destroyed and Samuel could only make out about 10% of what was on the screen. Being a post-doc student at UCLA, he needed his Macbook back in a hurry. He quickly turned to a tool we’re all familiar with – Google. After a few strokes and mouse clicks he landed on our website and began to look through some of our posts and macbook reviews to make sure we were legit. An email and a phone call later, we had an appointment with Samuel at Boelter Hall on the UCLA campus.

Not wanting to take away from his studies, we told him we’d be able to fix his LCD screen in about 30 minutes. Once finished, he was happy to get back to work. We told him a little more about our service and he mentioned that he had several friends with cracked Macbook Pro screens and Macbook Pro Unibody glass. He’s going to recommend us to them. For anyone else with a broken Mac screen, give us a call. We’re mobile and can usually repair screen in less than an hour.

Samuel’s Macbook before
Samuel’s Macbook after

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