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Will you be in LA on Friday?

– Downtown –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Nicole wrote us an email a couple days ago asking if we’d be up in the LA area on Friday. We mentioned to her that we travel up to LA once or twice a week and told her that the next time we’d be there would be this Friday. Super busy working for the LA Times, she asked if it would be possible to meet somewhere in the downtown area. We said no problem and settled on Groundworks right on 2nd Street. Nicole had a shattered screen on her Macbook laptop and needed the LCD screen replaced.

We met her in the afternoon and did the repair right outside of the restaurant. It was a beautiful day and we got the chance to show off our service to many of the people passing by. In just under 40 minutes, Nicole had her broken Mac screen looking like new. Glad we were able to help, Nicole. If you feel like writing a story about us, you know our number!

Nicole’s Macbook before
Nicole’s Macbook after

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