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Remember: Don’t leave small objects on your keyboard.

– Oceanside –

– San Diego, CA –

You may accidentally close the display and crack your screen. Such was the case with Nicole last week. She left her iPod ear plugs nearby and somehow one of them found its way to the keyboard. When she was finished surfing the web, she closed her screen right down on top of the ear plug and cracked her Macbook LCD screen. Within a few days the crack had reach all the way across the screen, preventing her from seeing much of her desktop. She spoke with her boyfriend’s father about the crack and he found a mac repair service in San Diego that would come up to their house and repair it quickly.

We were able to fix her Macbook screen in no time. Over the last several months, we’ve noticed this has become a common occurrence. There is no doubt that iPods and Macbooks are wonderful machines. But be careful and keep them at a safe distance from each other.

Nicole’s Macbook before
Nicole’s Macbook after

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