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“Do you repair iPhone screens in San Diego too?”

– San Marcos –

– San Diego, CA –

Yes, we do! We got this question from Kim earlier today. Long, long ago when we first started repairing Macbook screens, we knew there was another need out there for folks with cracked iPhone screens in San Diego. Although our voice mail message needs a little updating, we do indeed repair shattered iPhone screens.

Kim, a resident of San Marcos, needed her daughter’s iPhone fixed after it was dropped during a basketball shoot around at school. The phone slipped out of her daughter’s pocket and came crashing down. As you will see in the picture, the fall caused a decent amount of damage to the glass display. We met with Kim and her daughter and replaced the broken iPhone screen in less than 30 minutes. It was looking good as new. Good luck next season!

Kim’s iPhone before

Kim’s iPhone after

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