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I know it’s midnight, but when is the earliest you can meet me?

– Santa Monica –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Angela called us late in the evening. The LCD screen on her Macbook Pro shattered and needed replacing. In the middle of the night, while her Macbook was resting peacefully on her bed, a few slight movements caused her laptop to slip off the bed and take a tumble to the floor. The result: broken Macbook Pro screen. No fun.

We gave her a call early in the morning and discussed what had happened to her computer screen. She explained the event to us and expressed her interest in getting the LCD screen replaced ASAP. We settled on a local coffee shop in Santa Monica and met with her later in the afternoon. In just under 45 minutes we had her cracked Macbook Pro screen fixed. Angela was psyched with the convenience and speed of our repair, especially since she had called less than 24 hours ago. Glad we could help.

Angela’s Macbook Pro before
Angela’s Macbook Pro after

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