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It’s been six months – I think it’s time I get it repaired.

– Torrance –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Nakisha, who was the victim of a cracked LCD screen just one week after buying her Macbook, had been using her computer with only being able to see half of the screen. She was reluctant to have it replaced so soon after buying it – especially with how expensive Mac computer can be. With little interest in paying so much to have her screen replaced, it wasn’t until she stumbled across our service did she really consider having it repaired. Before finding us, she thought it cost upwards in the $800-900 range. Fortunately there is a LCD replacement service out there in the LA area that fixes broken Mac screens for a 1/3 of the cost.

Nakisha gave us a call and schedule an appointment with us the following week. Our West coast office is based out of San Diego and we travel up to the LA area once or twice a week depending on how many appointments we have. We met Nakisha at the Torrance City Public Library and replaced the LCD screen on her white Macbook Unibody computer in less than an hour. She told us she couldn’t remember what her computer looked like with a screen the worked. Don’t wait to get your screen fixed. Give us a call today!

Nakisha’s Macbook Unibody before
Nakisha’s Macbook Unibody after

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