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I’m in Chula Vista for just another day – Can you help?

-Chula Vista –

– San Diego, CA –

Amber, from waaaaay up north in Washington state, was visiting her brother in Chula Vista for a short while. On her journey to the San Diego area her Macbook, which she regrettably packed with most of her other belongings, was smashed between two pieces of luggage she placed in the back of her car. While unpacking she realized it may have been a mistake to pack her laptop together with all her baggage. Unfortunately, when Amber opened up her computer, the LCD was cracked and she couldn’t see over 80% of the screen. She would only be in town for another day before leaving for her next destination and needed a Macbook repair service in San Diego that would be able to replace her screen ASAP.

With a few Google searches on her brother’s computer, she found a laptop repair service that could travel out to her brother’s house in Chula Vista and fix her laptop screen in less than an hour. During the repair we got a chance to meet most of the family which included a very friendly and LARGE dog. We were able to calm down the dog and get to work repairing her computer screen. In roughly 35 minutes, she had a LCD screen replacement that looked brand new. Safe travels, Amber. Keep that Macbook up front with you.

Amber’s Macbook before
Amber’s Macbook after

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