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The band is about to hit the road and I need a repair before we go.

– Hollywood –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Derek need the glass on his Macbook Pro Unibody replaced ASAP. He was going to be in Hollywood for just another day before hitting the road for a month-long tour. His Macbook was in bad shape, to say the least. You can see from the pictures below that the glass had gone through its fair share of long nights. The inner portion of the glass was close to separating from the entire assembly. The site of this was quite impressive, as we had rarely seen the glass on a Macbook Unibody damaged the way Derek’s had been. Nonetheless, we went straight to work at his apartment in Hollywood.

The Unibody models take a little longer to finish than the older models. After carefully removing the broken Unibody glass, we were able to place a brand new piece of glass to cover the laptop’s LCD screen. Once finished, it looked like he had just bought it from the Apple store down the street. Good luck on the road, Derek. Be sure to take good care of that computer!

Derek’s Macbook Pro Unibody before
Derek’s Macbook Pro Unibody after

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