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My daughter shattered her Macbook Pro today :(

– Glendale –

– Los Angeles, CA –

George, a resident of Glendale, CA, called us last Thursday to ask if we’d be able to repair his daughter’s Macbook Pro. He wasn’t quite sure what had happened to it but he was sure of two things: the computer was still working and the screen was badly damaged. He asked us some details about our service and asked when was the earliest we’d be able to repair the shattered screen. We told him we are based in San Diego but venture up to LA two or three times a week. George schedule an appointment with us for the following Tuesday.

We arrived Tuesday afternoon at George’s house and had his daughter’s Macbook Pro screen repaired in less than 45 minutes. He was delighted by our work and was even happier to learn that we fix iPhone screens as well. He has several relatives in the area that have been walking around with broken iPhone screens for quite some time. For all your Mac screen repair needs in the LA area, be sure to give us a call. Thanks!

George’s Macbook Pro before
George’s Macbook Pro after

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