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San Diego Macbook Repair to the rescue!

– UCSD – La Jolla –

– San Diego, CA –

Nathan, a graduation senior at UCSD, gave us a ring during final exam week. His Macbook laptop screen had taken a beating after being the victim of a terrible fall. While hard at work, his laptop was closed and resting close to the edge of the table his was studying on. Being extremely focused on his work he forgot about the computer lying right next to him. With a slight turn of the shoulder followed by a quick jab of the elbow, Nathan’s Macbook was on the floor. When he opened it open he was sadden to see that his white 13″ Macbook screen was shattered.

He quickly went on to one of his friend’s computers to see if he could find a service that would be able to fix his computer screen ASAP. Fortunately, Nathan found us in no time. He called us at 2 in the afternoon asking if we’d be able to repair his screen later that night. We already had a few repairs scheduled but we were able to meet him on the UCSD campus at roughly 10 PM. We repaired his laptop screen and Nathan was able to get to work. Good luck with your exams, Nathan! If you or any of your friends ever run into trouble with you laptop screens, you know who to call.

Nathan’s Macbook before
Nathan’s Macbook after

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