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“It would be great if you could come to me!”

– Yardley, PA –
– Via Philadelphia, PA –

Brittany has been dealing with a broken bezel on her 15-inch 2.4ghz Macbook Pro for the last few months while being a student at Denison University (like Kenya!). She decided that now that she is done with school for the summer, she absolutely needed to get it fixed. Brittany did a little research online and found us, and inquired about how much it would be to replace the bezel on her Macbook Pro as well as the LCD, because she said that when she opens and closes the computer, the screen flickers and gets lines across it.

We told her that if she were to go to the Apple Store, it would be in the ballpark of $800-$900, and it would probably take as long as a week. Even though she is home for the summer, she really needs her laptop to be in her posession at all times, so this wasn’t an option. We told her that we would be able to replace the whole screen assembly for $549, which included a local repair at her home in Yardley. She was delighted, and we scheduled the repair for today. About an hour after we got to her house, her computer was back in action!

Brittany's Broken Macbook Pro Bezel Before
Brittany's Broken Macbook Pro Bezel Before

Brittany's Macbook Pro After

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