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Just another day of repairing Macbook screens in San Diego…

– Oceanside –

– San Diego, CA –

Bao gave us a rang yesterday evening saying that he was in need of getting the LCD on his Macbook replaced. The night before he was playing around with his younger siblings when one thing led to another and a foot found its way to the very location where he was keeping his Macbook. The result of this wrestling around was a shattered Macbook LCD screen. His broken laptop screen was in bad shape and he needed it repair soon. Finals were coming up and he still had a ton of work to do. Fortunately for Bao, he found a local affordable Apple repair service near San Diego that could fix his screen in no time.

We met with him this afternoon in Oceanside and were able to make his Mac look brand spanking new. His broken LCD screen was replaced in no time and Bao could finally get back to work. We recommended it’d be best if he kept his Macbook in a safe spot, far from any monkeying around with brothers and sisters. Glad we could help, Bao. Good luck with finals!

Bao's Macbook before
Bao’s Macbook before

Bao's Macbook after
Bao’s Macbook after

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