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I’m in Santa Monica and I have a broken LCD on my Macbook

– Santa Monica –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Annie gave us a call a couple days saying she broke the screen on her laptop and needed a LCD replacement in Santa Monica. On the West Coast our office is based out of San Diego. We explained to her that we would be in the Los Angeles area the following day and would be happy to repair the screen on her 15″ Macbook Pro. She was calling us from New York and told us she wouldn’t be back to LA until the following day so it would be no problem to meet her then. Unfortunately for Annie, she dropped her Macbook in the security line at the airport. The drop had caused the screen to crack and she was not a happy camper.

Once in Santa Monica, we arrived at her home and began working on her laptop at her kitchen table. In less than an hour we had her Macbook Pro up and running again. She was super excited to be able to work on her computer and see everything was OK. She told us she’d be recommending us to all of her friends and family. For all our happy customers, if you have any friends or family members that need an iPhone or Macbook repair, have them give us a call today. We love seeing happy faces.

Annie's Macbook Pro before

Annie's Macbook Pro after

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