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Help Needed: Broken Macbook Pro screen in San Diego!

– South Park –

– San Diego, CA –

Tom was not a happy camper. His wife had accidentally dropped her Macbook Pro on the floor and broke the LCD screen. Tom told us about how much his wife loves the computer but they both hated the fact that it would cost a fortune to get it fixed through Apple. They both went searching for an affordable alternative. Tom found our website after several searches that included: “Macbook repair San Diego,” “replace LCD screen San Diego,” “broken screen Macbook cost,” “how much does it cost to replace LCD screen,” and “Apple LCD repair service.” After a few clicks, he found what he was looking for – a local affordable screen replacement service that can fix his wife’s laptop screen same-day. He called us at 888.714.6664 and we arranged a time to meet him after work at his home in South Park.

Within an hour we had his wife’s Macbook Pro looking like new. He expressed his thanks and told us he’d recommend us to all of his friends in the area. If you or anyone you know needs a Macbook screen repaired or an iPhone screen or LCD repaired, have them give us a call today.

Tom’s Macbook Pro before

Tom’s Macbook Pro after

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