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Start the Ship-In process on a Friday, have your Macbook fixed and back to you on Tuesday…

– Philadelphia, PA –
– Via Raleigh, NC –

Colleen in Raleigh, North Carolina broke the screen on her white 13-inch Macbook last week, and desperately needed it repaired. Her boyfriend Jay shopped around for a fast, affordable Macbook repair service online, and found CrackedMacScreen.com. What helped us was that we had already @replied Colleen on Twitter (@Colleen84).

Jay called us up and we explained the service. He said he needed a day or two to think about it, and called us back on Friday at 4pm to start the Ship-In process. We overnighted Jay and Colleen a box, which they received Saturday morning. They used the included free overnight label to ship us back the box with the Macbook inside, which we received Monday morning. We repaired it same-day, and Colleen was back to normal by Tuesday morning.

She was so happy that she blogged about it:


Colleen's Macbook Before
Colleen's Macbook Before

Colleen's Macbook After
Colleen's Macbook After

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