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“Just the screen of my Macbook Pro Unibody is cracked.”

– Point Loma –

– San Diego, CA –

So goes the words of Tommy, a lifelong resident of San Diego. Having just bought this lovely, new computer several weeks ago, it was a salad dressing bottle that would create a huge headache for Tommy. His Mac Pro was sitting closed on his kitchen counter when he reached up to one of the shelves above for the dressing. He got the one he need but knocked over the other one. Within seconds it was headed down in the direction of his laptop. Usually we get calls from people who have broken both the screen and the unibody glass of their Macbooks. This case was a bit unique in that only the LED screen had cracked. We met Tommy this next afternoon to pick up he laptop. We explained to him that the process takes a couple hours to do and it would be best if we just borrowed it for a little bit. A few hours later, we rang up Tommy to let him know that his Macbook Pro was repair and looking good. We dropped off his computer and sat around with him for a short while. He has one of the best views of San Diego this repair member has ever seen. This summer we’re looking forward to meeting back up with Tommy not to fix his Macbook, but for a some fishing right across the street. See you soon, Tommy!

Tommy's Macbook Pro Unibody before
Tommy’s Macbook Pro Unibody before
Tommy's Macbook Pro Unibody after
Tommy’s Macbook Pro Unibody after

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