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Macbook Pro screen repair needed in LA.

– Panera Bread –

– Santa Monica, L.A. –

Dan was not a happy camper. We was napping at his mother’s house with his Macbook Pro resting on the arm of the couch. You can probably figure out what happened next. Unfortunately for Dan, he woke up to the crashing sound of his Mac Pro hitting the ground. When he picked it up and looked at it, he was not too thrilled with what he saw – a cracked LCD screen. The computer was fine but the right side of the laptop screen  was not looking good. Knowing he would have to pay Apple a fortune to get it fixed, he decided to look elsewhere for a repair.

Fortunately for us, he did several Internet searches for things like “LCD monitor repair,” “cracked LCD repair,” “Macintosh repair,” “broken laptop screen fix.” It wasn’t until he included Los Angeles and Santa Monica did he find our Mac screen repair service. A quick glance at our site and a phone call later, he was able to schedule an appointment with us at a Panera Bread in Santa Monica, right off the 405. In less than an hour we had Dan on his way with a brand new looking Mac Pro screen. We all can learn from Dan in that when we’re snoozing, it’s best to keep our laptops close and far, far away from arm rests.

Dan's Mac Pro before #1
Dan’s Mac Pro before #1
Dan's Mac Pro before #2
Dan’s Mac Pro before #2
Dan's Mac Pro after
Dan’s Mac Pro after

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